Friday Oct 26,8:30 a.m.

I actually started an update a couple days ago but then got sidetracked, the beagle and I are still at home here at lake margrethe this morning and it has cooled down to 40s this morning. We were pretty close to 80 degrees yesterday and it was like a summer day. With all the rains the past week or so most of the leaves are down. Nothing has happened in frederic lately to report on. I did see the guys from the gaylord groomer cleaning up the
trail north to gaylord, now if we could just get snow to cover that trail. I also read a report in the new Michigan Snowmobile Association magazine that many of the trail signs are being changed. I dont know exactly what they did but it sounds like things will look different. I will have to check in with Kieth to find out the real deal. Seeing that it is fall and my favorite time of the year with bow season I havent been out as much as I would like to in search of my elusive buck Big Don. I plan on heading off for my annual trip to bois blanc island to see if I can find him there. Couldnt get anybody to go with me this year but I dont mind being by myself. I know the beagle would go but then I couldnt stay gone all day as I know she wouldnt let herself in and out. So until next time thanks for checking in. Pete

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