Friday morning in Frederic

Its a Friday morning in Frederic at 27 degrees with light snow falling. Total from yesterday is about 4 inches but its all lake effect snow so while it makes it look nice and white its really useless for getting us a base built up. They are still calling for more lake effect thru tonight and then it slows up tomorrow. Many schools closed today from Mancelona, Kalkaska and west of that. I took a few pictures this morning, ice is slowly starting to form on lake margrethe. There were tracks on the snowmobile trail just north of the grayling high school towards Frederic but they were truck tracks and I took a couple pics out front of Sledheads. So the wait is still on for rideable snow but at least we are getting a small start. Also the past couple years I have posted on here about the good deal for dinners at the Frederic Inn, here is a link to the site where you pay $20 dollars and get $40 worth of food there. You can sign on and buy as a guest so you don’t have to fill all the extra stuff out. A good deal and I have mine. Frederic Inn Dinner Certificate, $40 for $20   make sure when you go in there to eat you tell them I sent you. Also yesterday Rick from Grand Marias stopped by with his publication he puts out called the Great Lakes Pilot, he told me that new people bought the Sportsmen bar up there and tore it down and put up a new place that is right across the street from his hotel up there called Hotel Superior. Something to look forward too when you get ride to the u.p. Info on that below too. So thanks for checking in. Pete

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