Friday March 1, 2013

There isnt any new snow predicted for the weekend but there is light snow in the air right now. I stopped at the Ramada this morning and Don there said people are canceling because they think we have no snow, so I put video together this morning of the crossings on the way here so judge for yourself. The first guy that came in yesterday said the trails suck but he was the only one as everyone else that rode into here said ti was great and I am more inclined to believe them. There is still a ton of snow out there and its supposed to stay cold all weekend. I was here till after 7 last night and I had more riders in here after 4 than I had all day long as I think people were just getting here. I talked to the snow bunny and Bad Ass Mike who are on their way up from ohio and I heard from Ohio Brian last night. One person I havent heard from in a couple years is Illinois Mike Chornby….wonder where he is…..also I am pasting a couple pics here, the counterieter Cindy Hummel stepped up and admitted she was the one that put up the fake sledheads sign and for that she got stuck pretty good when they put it up….thanks for the thought…….and also pasting a picture of Greg showing his colors proudly and showing sledheads on the strip in vegas…thanks greg…here is a  link to this mornings video

trailer counts this morning were 10 at the Ramada and 3 at the days inn

greg pete  & cindy


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