Fresh Snow again

We had a touch of Fresh snow again overnight. We got back home yesterday afternoon and woke up this morning to fresh snow on the ground and cars. There are still piles of snow in places and lots of ice out on the lake. Frederic is quiet today but I just saw a state police car setting in the swamp parking lot behind the sign like he is looking for speeders thru town. It felt good to get home and sleep in our own bed again but that wont last for long. I am posting some pics below, I took two of them this morning and the two of Lake Margrethe are of last night. The red house is one I just sold a month ago and I was out there to pick up my signs this morning. You can see how nice and white the ground got overnight. The next pic is of Kolka Creek which I thought looked nice and snowy this morning too. The bottom two are of Lake Margrethe which you can see still has a lot of ice on it. So back to work here. Thanks for checking in. Pete

snowmobilers dream

snowmobilers dream

IMG_6079 IMG_6076 IMG_6077

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