Frederic Sunday Morning

Sunday morning in Frederic, all is quiet and its almost ten and only one set of people in so far. I am happy to say that I checked trails on m 93 and by the high school and 612 crossing in Frederic that Grayling grooms and all of them are freshly groomed and smooth as a table but on the other hand I went to check trail 7 north to Gaylord and once again not a sign of a groomer and I talked to a group I stopped at the sign there and they had just said they came from waters and said it was as rough as can be. I also just sent an email to Dana at the DNR to let her know. So that’s my whining for this morning. I did get to go for a short ride yesterday which felt pretty darn good thanks to Eric Lewis….glad he got me out of here. Also Rick and Dick from New York were in here yesterday, I took them riding years ago and they stopped by on their way to the u.p. Pics of their rig are below here, I like seeing a new York plate in my lot and better yet how bout a trailer with a maine plate and a sledheads sticker on it, I kinda like that. I have seen way to many sleds on the railroad tracks this weekend and I know there have been tickets handed out too. I went down and put some signs up for what good that will do. Tell everyone you know stay the heck away from the tracks. Besides being dangerous its going to cost you $300 bucks. The tracks here are active with trains coming thru a couple times a day. I see no update for the Darkside Adventures crew this morning as they have been traveling in a no service area of Quebec. They are about wrapping up their trip…Lucky Guys and one Big Booty Judy……. So that’s it for today, probably won’t be an update tomorrow as I have a funeral to go to. Please Ride Safely and STAY AWAY FROM THE RAILROAD TRACKS. Thanks for checking in. Pete



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