Frederic Monday Morning

Its Monday morning in Frederic, nothing exciting going on and as I looked at the trail crossing north of the high school it actually surprised me that it was as white as it was. We had a lot of rain yesterday afternoon which didn’t do us any favors. We went over to Traverse last night for my daughter Haleys 16th birthday and it was snowing very hard on the way back, total we got a nice heavy maybe 1 inch or so around here. I think TC got way more than us. So we have to wait and see what the week will bring. Maybe a storm but we need colder temps, it is currently 34 out. That’s about it for now but a shout out to Johnny O who also 16 years ago today managed to live thru his horrendous sled crash that he had right here in Frederic, he was up in the hospital fighting for his life as my little one was just starting hers. Thanks for riding safely and definetly don’t let Johhny O borrow your sled. Pete

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