Frederic is Snowmobile Heaven

Snowmobile Heaven is right here in Frederic this morning with a fresh 4 to 6 inches of fresh snow overnight and already perfect riding conditions before that its going to be a great day for a ride. Winds are a little stiff but that makes more more fun out there. So get out and enjoy some of the best conditions I have seen here in  a long time. Here is a link to a quick video I did outside this morning        Trailer counts this morning were 7 at the Days inn and 28 at the Ramada. It looks like I should put my plow on right now. On a sadder note in the Frederic news my neighbor Alan Musaka passed away last night. He lived in the white house just south of my property line here. He was always good for a great joke or 2 and was a great guy……Thanks for checking in. Pete

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