Five Days and counting

Five days and counting, the snow has let up some but boy was it a windy snowy one yesterday. I just came back from Gaylord and drove down Old 27, Otsego Lake is completely skimmed over with ice and has snow on it. I did not see any sled tracks along the trail the whole way down to Frederic. I have talked to a couple people that have seen sleds out but it hasn’t been in Frederic. I have to say I was a little disappointed yesterday as there were only 5 callers that called for the Spikes burger cards so I guess I will save them for a different day. Below I am going to post a picture that someone sent me yesterday. Its something that you don’t want to happen to something as cool as this and being a coney lover that I am it kinda hurts. Thanks for checking in. Pete

wiener mobile

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