First weekend of the season

Its the first weekend of the riding season, sunday morning, 40 degrees, calm and quiet at Lake Margrethe. Instead of setting here at home I should be at Sledheads turning on the lights and getting ready for the riders to start rolling in. Unfortunately I still say we are a long ways off from that. I figure we will be lucky to be riding by Christmas. I was in Frederic last night and it did start snowing and started making things white but then it turned to rain and fixed that quickly. I did have a good campfire out there though as Ohio Brian was in town and I had some wood I wanted to burn up. Also had a group of guys stop by from the Indiana Snowmobile Association that were checking things out for their ISA ride in coming up in January. They will be stopping at Sledheads then for a check point and this year they are riding out of Treetops in Gaylord. I haven’t heard anything from the Ohio State Snowmobile¬†association yet this year on their ride in but they usually stop in on their OSA ride too. I have been getting more calls and a few people stopping by but I am not ready to keep the place open full schedule to winter actually kicks in. Until that happens if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell a place in our area I would be happy to help them in the sale or purchase. Century 21 has to keep me off the spam line for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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