First Snow on the Ground

We have a little snow on the ground in frederic this morning. We had about the same amount at Lake Margrethe this morning with ice on the roads too. The road north of the high school to frederic was very icy but I managed to stay right side up. I wouldnt imagine that this will stay but it looks good for now. I still have to get all my outside signage changed back to winter and a new addition to the outside this year that I am excited about is that Mike from Flint Sign & Design is helping me outline the front of the building and down both sides for 30 feet with neon tubes which will look really cool at night time. I cant wait to get that fired up. Of course they will be arctic cat green but dont let that stop you from coming in because I like all sleds, it just happens thats the color Mike had the most of and I couldnt beat the price. Now if I could only get the cameras working right. Ohio Brian said he was gonna come up and help me on that. Also just to point out if you go down a little bit on the right hand side of this update you can put in your email adress and it will automatically send you an email when I update this. I will have to get in practice  of doing this first thing each morning. I am off to deer camp this week so if I get online at the wellston library I will do an update there. I had a report last night of a Mountain Man sighting. Beleive it or not he is still out in the woods where I dropped him off the first of June. People tell me when they see him and about a month ago he called me and I gave him a ride back out to his spot. I told him he had to get the heck out of there before winter set in but you know I gotta believe he is going to try and stick it out there all winter. He is one tough dude to be able to live like that. Here is a pic I took outfront when I got here this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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