First Snow of the season

Well here we are, October 22, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. and 34 degrees, traces of white on the ground and snowflakes in the air. That is our first official snow of the season. The roof has a little white up there too. I did post a video yesterday of the first snow up in the u.p. in Neguanne too. So time is getting closer but we still have a long ways to go. It does feel good to see what little we have though. Not much exciting going on in Frederic. The past couple of updates I have meant to talk about the lack of contact I have had with the mountain man. I last heard from him around the first of august. Usually I hear from him around the 3rd of the month but September went by and so has October. Last year he called me the night before opening of bow season to wish me good luck and I thought I would hear from him again this year for that. I haven’t even heard of any mountain man sightings so it makes me wonder where he is. We spent last weekend camping up at Lake Charlievoix in Boyne City, colors were more at their peak than the week before and I have to say that fall camping is the best as there were only 4 camps in the whole park. That makes it nice and quite. Even though it rained all weekend it was a nice time. This weekend I am off on my annual trip to bois blanc island to see if Big Don is waiting there for my arrow to come his way. I am pasting a picture of the beagle below here, I think she has been watching to much duck dynasty.. Thanks for checking in. Pete

beagle beard


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