First Day Of Winter

Well here it is first day of winter. A few days ago I wouldn’t have felt like this as we were getting bombarded with some of the biggest pre Christmas snows I have ever seen. While we still have a lot of snow I am not encouraged by the next 5 days of weather forcasts from JC who puts it at above 32 for all that time. Its 28 out right now and even with the temps we had yesterday the snow was getting squishy. Today is the first time in a week I left my plow truck sitting home. Who knows what will happen as I many people were looking forward to a great ride between Christmas and new years…..A fair amount of sleds thru Frederic yesterday and I have only heard one out there so far this morning. Yesterday got away from me and flew by without getting an update on till late in the day but trust me you didn’t miss anything. Here is a link to a video from 2 years ago when Scotty Bobby stopped by on his make shift sleigh called a snowmowermobile.  Scotty Bobby visits Sledheads  (2014). On the other hand I have a listing coming up out near Bear Lake, 1400 s.f. house and two pole barns for $69,000 if you know anyone looking for a up north get away. Till tomorrow, Thanks for checking in and please do some snow chants and ride safely. Pete capture

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