Finally here with a new update

Hi Everyone, finally getting on here with a new update, we have been back from our new York trip since last sunday ending up the journey with a  stop in Cleveland with a stop at the rock n roll hall of fame. So been here in Frederic most of the time just trying to get caught up on things. First of all there have been things in Frederic to talk about, there was an ATV death up near Headwaters resort last weekend with a 38 year old man killed after hitting  a tree and causing severe head trauma, yes he was wearing a helmet but that wasn’t enough, he was riding with 2 or 3 teenagers that were on separate machines. Luckily last winter we made it thru with no snowmobile deaths in our area. Then over this past weekend there was another atv accident near waters where there were severe injuries, I don’t know much more than that on that accident. Grayling and Frederic has been buzzing with national guard vehicles and guards during some major training going on in the area. You can hear and see shooting, helicopters, gunfire constantly thruout the county and I see where they accidently dropped a 4 ton howitzer from a Chinook helicopter but no one was injured. I am sure that made a big thud. You can see those helicopters carrying those flying over Frederic or Grayling. Here is a link to a video so you can see them in action during their training.   Thanks for checking in. Pete

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