Fall is here along with the colors

The fall colors have finally kicked in making it look like picture perfect fall. ATV’s and side by sides continue to stream into town but many have been a little bummed to find out that there is still no gas in Frederic as the gas station is still torn apart. They are getting closer to getting it back together and I think its about 3 weeks now since they started on it. They have new tanks in the ground and all new concrete to set their new pumps on. Other than that not much new around. Temps were pretty warm for a couple days but have cooled back down. I had taken some pics of a whole group of horses that were tied up behind the Frederic inn while their riders were having lunch but somehow I must have erased them. Just short of 6 weeks till the trails open for the season. It sure would be nice if we had snow on December 1. Jared stopped by the other day and I had to get a picture of his ski doo tattoo.That’s about it for today so thanks for checking in. PeteĀ jaredF4541796-356A-4C5E-ADC7-8082FF29DEE6 53B96D4C-1340-464B-B006-2165CA027FA5 3AC3D9B8-2BD3-4962-AA8A-6D08BC6C4890

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