Drizzly in Frederic

Its a little drizzly in Frederic today, nothing exciting going on around here, just fighting off the mosquitoes this year, they sure are thick….Wayne is getting closer to Alaska, I know he hoped to be to Prudhoe Bay by Friday night but he might be off by a day or so. I will put his latest post below. Yesterday was a big day for our Haley as it was 8th grade graduation. There were 9 top student awards and she earned 5 of them. She is certainly following in her sisters foot steps as Melissa was a great student also and continues to be. Haley also was presented with the Citizen of the Year award. So that makes us some proud parents. As I have said many times before the only thing we get thru Frederic in the summer is horses and Harley and now some atvs , I know there is a big horse ride coming soon but here are a bunch of Harleys that were at the Frederic Inn the other day….Next is Waynes story and then the picture

Today at 2:56 AM
I , am in Houston B.C. headed toward Tok, Alaska.  It looks like I will Be departing Prudhoe on Monday if everything works.

Little stuff continues to go wrong that wracks up time.  Tuesday it was the tail light that didn’t work.  Fuse looked good but was bad.  Should have tested fuze instead of taking part of the bike apart.  Don’t do something, stand there – is a better solution at times.  Today my GPS went to GPS heaven or wherever they go.  Took the wrong turn so I went to Golden instead of spending that time getting to Jasper.  The guy in Golden say “don’t feel bad – lots of people miss that corner because of the sign or something”.  Same mountain roads twice.  The electronic chain oiler BMW of Grand Rapids put on (Scottoiler) has a temperature reading.  It is hard to think about much of anything else when that says its 32 degrees out.
Stopped and visited with my good friends Terry and Al Phillips in Prince George.  They tried to get us some TV coverage but it did not work out.  They are going to use Ken Wright’s photos to do some of the same.  They had a very generous check that is being mailed down.  You know about pet rescue advocates.  Well Terry and Al rescue motorcycle riders.  They put me up at their house for over a week while we waited for a part.  I washed cars, mowed lawn, learned about the bus schedule.  I thought the customs people would never release my stupid little part.  Much longer and I would have had to start taking Canadian citizenship classes.
Rode the last hour in light rain trying to get in before the Bullwinkles get out (a spin a loop a verticle dive and once again you know its time for Bullwinkle).  Three bears in two different places today.  The last bear stood up in ditch on his hind legs to see what was making that strange noise (my bike) just as I approached.  Surprised me.
I am going on the Cassiar Hwy tomorrow.  I hope Randy didn’t stir up anything when he was thru there.  Probably be a bunch of Century 21 signs.
Got to get up in a few hours.
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