Downtown Frederic

I have been home just over a week now and have just been playing catch up. But a relaxing weekend at my camper for the past 5 nights…..Things are quiet in Frederic as usual, horses, Harleys and atv’s. Sturgis is going on right now out in¬†South Dakota¬†and I sure would like to be there. Its been unseasonably cool the past week so hopefully that’s a good sign for sled season. I should have stayed in Greece a few days longer. Thankfully I was with my sister because I always thought I knew enough Greek to cheat my way thru but they talk so fast I was totally lost but I was lucky and had an interpreter, It sure was hot there and talk about crazy drivers I am sure their death count there from accidents is quite high. Certainly a culture shock and crowded cities. We hiked the Samaia Gorge on the island of Crete which was a tough one for an old guy like me. Took us 7.5 hours plus just getting to the start was an adventure in itself. We stayed at a monestary about an hour north of Athens on top of a mountain. A tough climb for a little car to get up to but a nice breeze and total silence overlooking the valleys below. Very nice and I even behaved myself. An 8 hour ferry ride (more like a cruise ship) took us to Crete where we drove 2 hours to get where we get to the bus to take us on another 1 hour ride to get to the start of the Gorge. After the hike another 1 hour boat ride to get back to the bus to take you another hour bus ride back to your car and then 2 hours in the car again back to the start……Not sure if I am ready to try that again. That’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete IMG_6940 IMG_6631 IMG_6646 IMG_6683 IMG_6626 IMG_6651 IMG_6938 IMG_6993 IMG_6870 IMG_6745 IMG_6709 IMG_6685


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