Downtown Frederic

All is quiet and cloudy this morning in downtown Frederic but that should change this weekend because of the Frederic Music Festival in the park here on Saturday. Not much else exciting going on here. I am planning on going up to the st ignace car show and will be around there and helping my friend the Sticker King out in his booth so if you are up at the show stop in and say hi…..and if Bob is working in there by himself, just call him Pete….He likes that. It looks like the weather will be nice for the weekend. I see the counter is not to far off for the one millionth hit on my page so I wonder if it will turn to one million or just go back to zero, in any case whoever is that lucky one and the first one in to me with a picture of their screen wil get a $25 Spikes Keg O Nails gift certificate and a Sledheads Hoodie. So keep your eye out for that. On the other hand back to the Super Motocross friend of mine Wayne, He made it into Key West Monday night which means it took him 175 hours to get there from Prudhoe Bay. He is now on his way back to Grayling and plans to be to Spikes by 2 on Saturday. To bad I wont be there to see him on his return. I did call him and talk to him the other night to congratulate him on the journey. He should be at about 12 or 13 thousand miles for his roundtrip adventure not to mention all the money he raised for polio. It will be interesting to see the final tally. Here is Waynes Key West Post … I am in Key West.

I had a relatively short (630 miles) day that dragged out.
I had a three hour margin until we were stopped for an accident for about an hour.  I handed out several flyers during the wait.  It looked real bad.
I wanted to stop at the No Name Pub (not on No Name Key but very close) because all the riders stop there and I wanted to look like a rider. Short stop, added a Haul Road sticker to their collection.
My margin went to 30 minutes coming into town.  I stopped for a photo at the 0 mile marker.
I needed to be in Key West (my choice was an entrance receipt for Zachery Taylor State Park) by 5:15 PM so my total elapsed time was under 175 hours.  The travel channel says that Smathers is one of the top ten beaches in America.  The beach at Zachery Taylor is twice as pretty as Smathers.  They were out of slaw so I had a kraut dog.
I am over the moon (Al Bonney probably remembers this saying) about the donation numbers.  Blane Kamp from BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids says “we are not done with this yet“.  He is planning an open house in July for Polio Plus.
More to come.
I plan on being back in Grayling, Saturday 2:00 PM – Meeting Place Of The North.  We lost a dear dear friend in Owosso during the ride so I will be stopping there the night before.
With the hard part of this over I will probably have issues on the way home.  Sometimes it works that way.
Shanna Key
Just completed the ride of MY life.  Thank you everyone.
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