Ditto from yestereday

Its about 22 out right now here at Lake Margrethe and calm as can be out there. Not a flake of snow overnight and I thought we were supposed to get some. At least yesterday morning there was a little out there. I was at frederic all afternoon yesterday and a few people stopped in but at least I made headway on my neon project and got the south side of the building lit up. We went to gaylord for dinner last night and I have to say I liked the way the neon looked when we pulled back up. It even caught my eye as we were driving down 612. It should only take me another half hour or so to get the other side fired up. The wait is still on…MO Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah time 1 trillion….Thanks for checking in. Pete , special thanks to Mike from Flint Sign & Design for help with the neon.

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