Deer Camp 2013

My how deer camp has changed since I was 12. I don’t remember having a laptop or wireless at the cabin in 1969, and now we have that plus tv. Got down here on Wednesday and I haven’t left the property since I rolled into here. Sure is nice to be here. We have had some nice bucks on the cameras and I got a six point opening morning. Been playing with the other deer I have seen with calls and experimenting on how they respond to calls. I have called 3 to within fifteen feet of me and that has been pretty exciting. The six point would have been a great shot for my bow because he was that close. Some snow on the ground would make it easier to see and there was some when I got here but it all left yesterday when it was sixty out. Soon I will have to head back home and back to work…and now we are only 2 weeks from the opening of the sled season. I will be surprised if we have snow for that but it would be nice. I will attach some pics below from here this week. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0770 IMG_0761IMG_0773

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