Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, what should I do today. This morning here at Lake Margrethe its pretty hazy and almost a foggy 34 degrees and heading into the 40s and almost 50. It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and certainly not prime sled riding conditions. So the question is should I take the chopper out for a ride or go out on the yacht. Or maybe take the chopper to the yacht. (wait there goes that day dreaming again). I guess I will go up to Frederic and do some work up there. Thank goodness the real estate business and the storage business have been steady this year which will keep me from having to head to the grocery store and buy a cart load of spam. The forecast is not looking promising for all of next week with predictions of even over 50s for a couple days. So its no surprise to any of us that its going to be a long wait ahead for the snow. The 2 pictures below actually have a story to them. The chopper is from TC and the guy that flies it is buying a property I have listed. He is going to fly it to California in the next couple weeks. I would love to make that trip with him. That’s the kind of thing that would be right on my great adventure list, besides an around the world plane ticket. The yacht was in the bay in TC during this summers air show over there. I would say they were having a good time. So keep shining up your sleds and maybe start them and keep on day dreaming. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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