Dear Santa….

Dear Santa,

Its Pete from downtown Frederic, I only have two wishes for Christmas. One is to bring us a lot of snow and second is to make sure everyone rides safely. The weatherman said we were supposed to have snow the past couple of days and we haven’t seen hardly anything yet but I know you can change that for us. Santa, remember the big snow storm of 1967 in Kalamazoo and how deep it was? I would love to see that again in Northern Michigan. I am sure that there are many other winter loving snowmobilers with the same wish. Thank you  Pete

Only a few new flakes of snow fell yesterday afternoon. Sled traffic was light but they were buzzing around town here. Time will tell on what comes next. Trail crossing looked white as I passed them this morning but I know there is still basically only a light covering. Thank goodness for the cold. Pics below are from Saturday. Thanks for checking in. Pete

this is the new ski doo green color......

this is the new ski doo green color……

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