Deadsville, that’s what it looks like for a Saturday morning in Frederic. Actually Frederic looks better for ground cover than in Grayling. The whole business loop this morning is grass but at least its still white here in Frederic but just barely. Once again I was surprised that there were 3 trailers at the Ramada this morning. I had a line up of about a dozen trailers at my storage facility and was surprised that they were almost all gone yesterday afternoon so I am sure they all headed to the u.p. and will be back after this weekend. I had some people in yesterday morning that said there were six sleds at the gas station as they passed it. Then later on in the day I saw sleds going by in the ditch across the street and there were 7 of them and they went to get gas and the pics are below. I went down and talked to them and they had come from Mancelona. They said it was better up that way but still not great. So its just the same old story till we get some snow…its supposed to cool down again after Monday…Thanks for checking in. Pete3D80BD8A-A96D-42D6-BF04-3CB6DD29CB78 736479ED-0144-4C7E-92B7-A8EBB80AF775 EC61F405-82EB-46B1-A156-1921EACC5F4E

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