Day 4 of the waiting game

Well not a thing has changed since yesterday except maybe a little more ice forming on Lake Margrethe. Still warmer temps coming for the weekend. I went to the radio station last night to record my weekend trail update for Q 100.3 in Grayling. They will be running them thurs, fri, and Saturday. I actually had a hard time coming up with something to say but I will paste what I did record below. Thanks for checking in. Pete

December 3, 2014

Hi  Everyone, Pete the greek here in beautiful downtown Frederic with your northern Michigan snowmobile trails report. December 1st has come and gone and the sled trails are now officially open. To bad that even with some of the greatest snowfalls we have ever seen in November the snow just didn’t want to stick around to get us out riding. Gaylord recorded a record 65 inches in November and that certainly had everyone excited. Trail groomers are set and ready to go but I have to say that the riding is still a ways off. On a brighter note riders are still hopefull and chomping at the bit as the phone has been ringing steadily wondering when they can come north while at the same time getting their machines fired up and checking things to make sure they will be trail ready when the time comes. I personally always like to inspect my suspension and all my idlers to assure that everything is good and tight and that fittings are greased along with checking the slides and carbides on my machine. Seasoned riders know how important it is to have everything ready to ride when the time is finally here and Please remember to ride safely. Doing some snow chants might not be a bad idea either.

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