Day 3 of the waiting game

Day 3 of the waiting game. Its 28 degrees outside this morning here at Lake Margrethe and we had about a half inch of new snow come down overnight. I just heard JC the weatherman on TV say that Gaylord had the most snow ever for this past month of November with 65 inches. To bad it all disappeared. Its not looking good for this coming weekend either with the temps predicted to be about 33. Not exactly what we want to see. I am ready for winter when it gets ready as I am sure everybody is. I did put a new battery in my turbo 660 the other day and was happy that it fired right up. To bad he next thing was that I leaned on it and it went right to the ground so I looks like I need a rear shock….Just what I wanted to do but better no then when the snow is good. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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