Dark and Cool @ Lake Margrethe

It seems calm outside this morning and there has been no sign of snow. I saw on the news that towards the beginning of next week we may get 2 to 3 inches. It needs to get alot colder. It was a nice afternoon yesterday and its supposed to be even warmer today, so this is going to be like last year where I just ramble each day here because there isnt anything to exciting going on. Actually the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was a Mountain Man Sighting…..as I was leaving and locking the door, lo and behold the mountain man came driving into frederic complete with his canoe on top of his truck. He just stopped to say hi and had just got his truck back on tuesday. He is still camped out in the same spot that I left him at in june, at least if the world ends on the 21st he already has his spot staked out. I have plenty of people around town that call and let me know when there isĀ  a mountain man sighting and I got this picture that I am poting texted to me yesterday afternoon……so Thanks for checking in. Pete

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