dark and cloudy at 33 degrees

So we head rain overnight which made the snow very heavy. I only saw a few sleds around yesterday and for those that could ride in between the drizzle the grayling trails were primo as they did all of them yesterday. I really would have liked to gone last night. While they were talking 40s for today I dont think it is going to make it and that would be great, if this all firms up it gonna make a great base and the cold is supposed to return by this weekend. The next couple days will tell us for sure. Now off to other things, I know that there was a group of people that stopped to get their pic with the mountain man but they havent come forward to claim their shirt and also no one stepped up for the 200,00th hit on the counter. Dont know what has happened on both of those. I got my plow back together last night and all is fine there and I am going to go out to move this heavy stuff before it freezes rock hard. I havent talked much this year about the lack of business and what I am eating at home but here is a picture for you. Thanks for checking in. Petespam spams

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