Crunchy , Sunny Morning,

Still nice and cold and crunchy out there even with the sun. We had about an inch of new snow outside yesterday with lots of friday sled traffic. I think riders are starting out slow this morning just because of the cold. Many new people that I haven’t met stopping in to say hi which is always nice, too bad I cant remember names worth beans. The snow bunny and snow princess have been running the trails north of Gaylord and went up to mackinaw yesterday. B A Mike aka Hard of Hearing Mike was recognized by some sledders well up at the Dixie Saloon in Mackinaw yesterday and they said that was pretty funny as these guys were hollering and calling out to Hard of Hearing Mike….. Trails still in very nice shape but I am still afraid of the weather forcast for next week…Only time will tell on that. I am putting a couple pics below, one is the snow bunny in mackinaw, I cant decide if she is supposed to be Cher or Miley Cyrus. Its now been an hour or so since I posted this and I realized for the second day in a row I didn’t throw in the trailer counts. Days inn Friday was 6 and today 10, Ramada Friday was 14 and today 33. ¬†Thanks for checking in. Pete

1912298_706335816065307_1877728468_n image

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