Crunchy, Sunny, Cold @ 5 degrees this morning

Its up to 5 degrees already in frederic and was well below zero earlier this morning. I havent seen any sleds yet in town here this morning but there were some warming up in the Days Inn parking lot as I did my survey this morning, Trailer counts were 3 at the Days Inn and 23 at the Ramada. Sled traffic was good but not as busy as the past couple weekends but I heard time and time again about how great the trails were and see that some posted on my Sledheads facebook page about how good they were on friday so I would like to see feedback good bad or other on how you thought things were on saturday. I have kinda heard from the snow bunny and I think they are in st ignace this weekend and she said they had great trails there too. Finally after 9 days of being out there Mark Berndt found the sign on the tree and came in to claim his t shirt. Along with that he got a bonus of meeting the mountain man as MM showed up here at the same time. He was out and about because he gets his check around the first and that gives him gas money to come out. I gave him a sweater I had here along with a can of spam and a can of chew and he gave me his standard Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. Then he went out and loaded up on firewood fromt he fire pit and was off again. Also I put a MM video together which here is a link to it.   Also below here I am pasting the pictures of the t shirt winner with the sign and the tree it was on…If we can manage to keep the snow I might put it back out there and of course will let you know…I can feel a big power ride coming on for me or the u.p. in my future…..Thanks for checking in and on your way home remember to tune into 100.3 fm for great rock n roll and my trail updates…..Pete   sign sign winner

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