Crunchy, Sunny and Cold for Santa

It was 15 below in grayling this morning and not a flake of new snow overnight. Its about 2 degrees here in Frederic now and nobody has braved the cold to be out there on a sled this morning that I have seen or heard. From what the weatherman said last night it looks like Santa will be bringing us an Alberta Clipper along with his ride into northern Michigan so that will be nice to add a little more snow to all that we have. I would think things will get very busy and hectic around Frederic come Thursday so please remember to ride safely. Now below here I am pasting one funny picture of a guy that came in the other day wearing his daughters boots. The other picture is not so funny and concerns the mountain man. That picture of his rig was from last night and he was in the wal mart parking lot in Gaylord. No smoke coming out of his chimney and he was sitting in the front seat of his truck. He told me a long time ago that he would never freeze out there but I have to say I am worried about him hauling that thing around and having it look like that I don’t know how he could even begin to sleep in there with that angle let alone move it down the road. If you happen to ride or be up that way this weekend and see him there please stop and drop him a few bucks or a something. I hate to see him spend Christmas like that. I half way wish he would show up here so he could at least come in where its warm….Who knows how long he will stay at wal mart till he gets moved on. After Cathy spotting him a couple weeks ago he must not have a good camping spot to get settled into. Thanks for checking in and Merry Christmas to everyone. Pete

mountain man wal mart pink boots

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