Crunchy Footsteps

Crunchy footsteps is something I havent heard all winter. It was 5 degrees when I got here to Frederic the first time this morning at 6:45. I took the bus up here as i left my truck here last night because I went for a great 87 mile ride yesterday. Ron came in and I decided it was a great time to ride. I rode up to Squaw Lake and met up with Ron and 4 other guys where we took off from there over to the Roadhouse north of Kalkaska for lunch. It was 2 tracks all the way with great snow. After lunch we headed off back towards grayling and rode out to the far parking lot past dingmans where we went and filled up with gas. The actual trail right along 72 there was the worst of all that we rode but then after heading all the way down ccc bridge road it got back to good snow. We stopped at the Mountain Mans camp and took a picture but he wasnt there. The smoke was coming out of the wood stove so he couldnt have been to far. We got a picture there but it doesnt count and the contest is still on ,,,first one to send me a pic with the Mountain Man and their sled and his camper in the background gets a t shirt…..also I am extending the contest to include a different spot,,,if you can find the Mountain Mans girlfriedn who is quite visible in the woods and get a picture of yourself with her in the background thats good for another shirt. The picture of her and the MMs camp is below. After ridiing to the end of CCC bridge road we road trails around behind camp grayling and out to Lake Margrethe where we stopped at a big annual party out on the lake and also visitied with friends that were ice fishing. All in all a great day of riding…….We need more days like that. So maybe winter is back…I have already seen sleds in frederic this morning but trailer counts in town was weak as zero at days inn and 1 at the Ramada….Thanks for checking in. Pete

roadhouse The Roadhouse north of Kalkaska, great ridemm trailer Mountain Mans Camp…mms girlfriendThis is the MMs girlfriend, get your picture close to her and you win a t shirt….click on it to see it better.

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