Crunchy and Cold (for now)

Its crunchy and cold out there for now this morning but the weatherman says 40s all week and 50 for tomorrow. It still looks like winter out there and feels like it too. I went forĀ  a ride yesterday up to starvation lake and it was pretty nice, the road was getting bare right by Cameron bridge but that was manageable. Took some pics at the Hideaway and out front of the Swamp along with a Skidoo that was buried in a 3 foot drift by Blue Lake that I helped them get out. I forgot to say yesterday that on Saturday I was just saying I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard from the Alabama boys and was just getting ready to call them when I looked up and they were walking in the door. It took them 32 hours to get here this week cause they were caught in the snow storm down in Kentucky. There were 2 sledding deaths in northern Michigan this weekend, one a 72 year old guy and the other a 31 year old at Houghton lake. Houghton lake is notorious for its big ice push ups and people don’t know about them and are going to fast and its like hitting a wall. That puts the death count above last year now at 15. The winter scene picture below I took this morning over by Mount Frederic. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

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