Crunchy and cold again

Minus twenty in most places around Crawford county this morning. Too cold to snow but there are some sleds out and about. Its already 11:30 and I am trying to get out of here cause I need to get out and ride. Hopefully going to really get to do it. Things are still in good shape. Yesterday morning I had a lady call that said her daughter lost her ipad here in the parking lot. I told her she called about ten minutes to late cause I had just come in from plowing. Slim chance it will turn up in the spring. They weren’t for sure that they lost it here but if you come across one let me know. I had to run to Roscommon this morning to get a wheel for my truck. My tire was almost flat this morning and the wheel had a crack in it. They matched me up with a new wheel for only fifty bucks and got me going in a hurry and that was at Roscommon Auto Recyclers. O.k. I am heading out of here. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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