Cruising thru Frederic

It was a great weekend in Frederic with everyone having a good time at the Frederic Music Festival, even had a couple friends camp out here in the parking lot, and no they didn’t have the mountain man with them. We had a good time at the car show up in st ignace but below here I will post some pics of the many Camaros that were cruising thru town here on Thursday and they stopped at the swamp for  a pit stop and a good lunch. Pretty cool the way they had them all lined up. Wayne on the other hand on his cruise across America coasted back into Grayling at Spikes on Saturday about 2 after his 13,170 mile motorcycle trip, I just talked to him and after the matching funds get deposited from the Gates foundation his trip raised just under $100,000 dollars to help fight polio. Great Job Wayne and thank you to the many people that donated. Below is Waynes last update and then the Camaro pics…….On final approach.

Got in late to Owosso last night and was lucky to not find out about last nights  House of Wheels group ride until today.
I think they came by the house just as I was turning in.  Like ships in the night.
The testiest three parts of the whole trip were Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Dayton.  The police presence in Tennessee was the heaviest.  Its formation flying on I-75 but the G650GS is quite happy at 85 mph.
I have something to pick up in Clare then I will be home.
Total mileage for the 20 days looks to be 13,170.
Thanks everyone.
100_4337 100_4332 100_4334 100_4335
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