Cool and drizzly again in Frederic

another day of cool and drizzly, just a couple updates on the guys that make me jealous on their Alaskan adventures, Gordon was back into Montana making his way towards Michigan last night and this sunday will be 5 weeks since he left. On the other hand my super moto cross friend Wayne expects to hit Fairbanks today after riding his BMW 840 miles yesterday, I think he is running a little behind but below is his update from late last night…..

Got in late after riding 840 miles.

Did Randy’s Cassiar Hwy.  It was fun but it was not fast.
Had at least ten black bears.  One elk started across the road and changed his mind, thank God.
Rained off and on for the last three hours so the fire danger is low.
Hope to be in Fairbanks tomorrow night.
Trying to figure out the weather.
The Satellite Tacking is working on the face book page but not the web site. Seeing if we can do both.
On On
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