Cool and crunchy with snow coming all week

Sled traffic seemed light yesterday but I still feel like the reason it seemed that way is that there is so much good snow out there that it just has everybody spread out. Still this morning the reports of trails in excellent condition are coming in so that is good. Trailer counts this morning were 5 at the Days Inn and 14 at the Ramada which is pretty good for a Monday, thank MLK for that…..I wanted to go for a ride yesterday but never quite made it, instead I had a phone call from the mountain man and he needed help as he was out of gas and money and was over in Mancelona the bp station next to the McDonalds. So instead of riding my sled over there which I could have easily done as all the roads were snow covered all the way there, I drove over there to help him out and we went to lunch at mcdonalds. I also claimed the prize for my picture with him but I did it in video format. I figured I would claim the t shirt but I forfeited it and gave it to him. I don’t know how he does it, he was sitting in the front seat of his truck and says he has made it thru even these 15 below nights with hardly any heat. He is out of wood too. If I would have been thinking I would have taken him a stack of cardboard. So that was my excitement for yesterday afternoon. Its supposed to stay cold all week with scattered predictions of snow here and there. I ran into the Alabama gang having dinner last night at the old barn before they were heading back to Alabama. They said they would be back Thursday. Road Warriors for sure. I did hear of one death over in wexford county over the weekend.. Please ride Safely and thanks for checking in. Pete

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