Coming up on Labor Day weekend already

Labor day is coming up fast, its Monday night and I am up here in Frederic late tonight. Nothing to new or exciting to report except in my last update I had forgot to write that I ran into the mountain man. We were pulling into Wimpys ice cream and there he was sitting there licking an ice cream cone. I came up and stood right behind him and he finally noticed me. I couldn’t believe it as he had nice clean clothes on and I saw a truck setting there and it had his yellow canoe on it. I said tell me that’s not your truck and he said yes it is. Its a nice dodge crew cab 2008…..Since that night I have seen him several times around town and he has called me a couple times. I asked him if he hit the lottery as he has made a big change lately. I am very glad for him but I passed him again today. Its towards the end of the month and a girl I know that works in the pizza place downtown texted me a picture of her and him today together. So I am glad things are going better for him. 2 weekends ago we camped out on the river east of grayling and that was a nice weekend. Only a hair over 3 months till the trails open and I like the report I saw this morning that said its gonna be colder this winter than it was last winter…..Sounds good to me. On sunday my friend Dave and I rode our motorcycles up to Mackinaw City for lunch at the new hot dog joint……Thanks for checking in. Pete

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