Coming at you from the near the home of the Snow Bunny

Live this morning from I believe the home of the snow bunny and Bad Ass Mike that is still a little hard of hearing with a bad ass heart with stints in it…..sorry Mike I just couldnt resist, and I believe Doug Shepard is in this nieghborhood too as probably alot of other regular snowmobilers that love frederic. I see we are 1500 views past the 400,000 mark and I havent heard from anyone that claimed the shirt prize……..I thought someone would be on that. Well we should make it home by this afternoon. Made it to here about 11 last night. We just stop to many times to check things out. I saw Summit racing in Ga yesterday and had to check that out and go in and drool over everything, also the Varsity in ATlanta is one of my favorite stops, and a couple other places for the girls to shop kind of burns up the day in a hurry…so back on the road and after hitting home and driving out by luzerne to retrieve the beagle from the kennel and then home to give her a bath, then I can make it to frederic….I am still hoping for snow to ride one more time. Thanks for checking in. PTG and still sleeping Haley and Cathy too.

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