Come on Just one more time…….

Good Morning, Coming at you from my moms in Kalamazoo, came down here last night to see her and am heading back to frederic here shortly. I am pasting my radio report that I wrote this morning below this as I did talk to people that were riding yesterday and am going to paste  a picture that my friend Jack sent me from where he was riding at outside of grayling yesterday. I am sure there will be some diehards out and about the next couple of days. Next is from my radio update on    The cold nights this week have helped us hold onto
this late season snow and its still supposed to stay relatively cold thru this
weekend. There is still a lot of snow in the woods off the regular trails and
even though I thought trails are pretty well gone I have talked to riders who
have been out and about and are happy to still be out there riding. On Thursday
I talked to 2 guys who had rode out of waters and headed off towards lakes of
the north and were very happy with the ride they had. I also talked to another
rider who trailered out to an area and found plenty of snow to ride in. Like I
said in my report earlier this week if you want to ride at this late stage of
the game you will have to work for your ride but from the riders I have talked
to it is still worth trying. My best advice would be to check out the area you
want to ride in ahead of time to see how it looks.  Thanks for checking in. Pete


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