Colors still are not at their peak,,,,,

Colors still aren’t at their peak here but they are getting better with some spots better than others. We had a really nice weekend and I took a nice motorcycle ride on sunday, made the loop out to Red Oak, to Lewiston, Lovells and then back to Frederic. There were a lot of motorcycles and 4 wheelers in Frederic this weekend as you will see in the pictures I am pasting below. Also ran into the Graylilng Groomers as they were out brushing and cleaning up trails along with the guy with the snowman cam up at Lowes in Gaylord, so a few pictures while we wait for snow. I am still making progress on finishing up my fence project at the storage units so we can have secure storage. The gate operating system should be here this week and hopefully we can get it working correctly soon. Also if anyone is looking to buy a nice big “cabin” up north I recently listed two places, one a 5,000 square foot log home that is first class all the way for only $449,000 and another Executive Home of 5,000 square feet plus 60 acres and four big barns for $650,000. If you know anyone looking please send them my way. Until then thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8353 IMG_8354 IMG_8355 IMG_8371 IMG_8372

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