Colors are in Full Swing

Wow, I cant believe two weeks have flown by again since I have been on here. The colors have really popped in the past week and look very nice. I was up to Bois Blanc Island last week and it is still very green there. Only two months till the trails open and the picture I am pasting below was the sled trail just north of the high school that I took this morning on the way here. Tomorrow being the first is my annual start in my quest for Big Don with my bow and arrow. Last year I never found him but maybe this will be the year. On Saturday I was here in the shop and there must have been over a hundred motorcycles over at the swamp, not sure what kind of ride they were on but there was a bunch of them. A couple days before that I saw about ten horses tied up outside there. That’s what I always say about Frederic in the summer, the only things we get thru town is Horses & Harleys. The past couple of months I have been to a lot of places and have had a pretty good time. This coming weekend we are off to Big Rapids to Ferris for the football game and see how Melissa comes out in her quest for Homecoming queen at Ferris this weekend. I was out for a ride on my four wheeler the other day and that was nice but would love to try out some snow. Also I see that we are coming up on the 600,000 th hit on the counter….So the first person that gets me the pic of that gets a $25 gift certificate to Spikes Keg O Nails. ┬áThat’s about it for now, so thanks for checking in. Pete

100_3316 Mel and Brutus BBI

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