Cold & Crunchy

Cold and crunchy out this morning but I think a bit warmer than last night. I have to say I like it when its so cold out there that there is a loud crunch with every step you take. It started out slow on Tuesday but by about 3 it was kicking in with many sleds around in Frederic. Reports of good riding in many spots and many groomer sightings too. Well I haven’t seen any groomers myself, several riders told me they saw them out by Dingmans, Settings, and trail 4 by Gaylord. I saw fresh groomer tracks on trail 7 by the high school this morning. So things are starting to come around. I think its going to get busier in the next couple of days. Its 5 degrees this morning and there was no new snow in Frederic to speak of overnight. I certainly did move a lot of snow with my plow truck yesterday. In checking the motels in grayling this morning there were only 2 trailers at the Days Inn but 16 at the Ramada. The cold is supposed to stay with us and hopefully more snow coming too. Pics below are from yesterday and last night. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_0302 IMG_0306 IMG_0309

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