Cold and Sunny

Fresh sled tracks in the snow when I got here this morning. I keep thinking maybe I am paintine the no sledding picture to bad…..I saw fresh sled tracks last night when I left on the trail to gaylord and people have told me they have seen sleds out riding even though I havent seen anything. I talked to 2 guys at Mcdonalds in grayling this morning who pulled in with a trailer and their bibs on and they said they had drove up from houghton lake and had been riding around waters and out towards lakes of the north and they said it was really pretty good. While it is definetly going downhill it is still kinda holding at the same time. So I guess if you were going to ride you can do it you just have to watch yourself and I have no doubt you can do off trail in the woods as everything is still white out there….I think there will still be a few diehards out there but I wouldnt expect to many. Thats about the best I can say for now. I am going to keep on the daily updates still as the season does run thru the end of the month and I will tell you what I am seeing happening around the area….So thats about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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