Coast to Coast the Hard Way

I could only wish to attempt the trip that my well seasoned motorcycle riding friend Wayne is going to venture out on this coming weekend. Many of you may remember when last year when he left Spikes in Grayling on a Friday night last year in August and rode to Hyder Alaska and was back by the following Friday night. That’s right to Alaska and back on his motorcycle in just 7 days and it was all a fund raiser to help eradicate polio. Well that was just a tune up ride to what he wanted to do to top that and he came up with Coast to Coast the Hard Way, He is leaving this coming sunday once again from Spikes and going to ride to Prudhoe Bay which is about 500 miles north of Fairbanks Alaska and that’s just to get to the start of his ride. From there he starts and plans on just 200 hours later arriving in Key West, hence Coast to Coast the Hard Way. Once again paying for the whole trip himself and one hundred percent of what he raises going to eradicate Polio. I am pasting his info and flyer and video below. Give if you can and I will keep everyone posted on his journey. Have a Great Ride Wayne.                       Most of you don’t know that I am a member of Rotary.

The signature project of Rotary International is the elimination of Polio.  Only three countries left.
So the new Rotary District Governor was in town at the beginning of May and I mentioned that our club supported a Polio-Plus fund raising ride last year where I paid for the ride and they raised money.  I mentioned I probably was willing to do that again.  He looked me in the eye and said – “if you will pay for the trip – then lets do it”.
After almost gagging on my coffee I said “oh boy”.
If your not doing anything Sunday June 8th stop by Spikes Key of Nails in Grayling.
We will be there from 11:00 to 1:00.
At 1:00 I will be departing for Prudhoe Bay.
Take a look at our web site and our brochure (attached).  Please pass copies on to anyone that may find the ride and/or the Polio Plus program interesting. Every dollar we raise will be matched by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation with two dollars.  $100 becomes $300, $1,000 turns into $3,000.
We plan on posting updates as the trip goes on.
Again, please pass this information on and I hope to see you on Sunday the 8th.
Wayne Koppa
Grayling, MI
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