Coast to Coast the Hard Way, Arctic Ocean to Key West

Well today my friend Wayne headed out on his BMW for his Coast to Coast the Hard Way ride and fundraiser for Polio. I will post updates here as his journey progresses. He left spikes today about 1 and hopes to be to Prudhoe Bay by Friday where he can then start his journey to Key West. I really believe he will end up raising at least $100,000 and that is because right now every dollar donated is worth $6. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is donating 2 dollars for every one raised and then other matching funds brings it to the six dollar mark. Pretty darn good, I will post pictures I took down at Spikes today before he left. This is the summer for the Alaska trips as my friend Gordon has been gone four weeks today and I just talked to him a few minutes ago as he is in Jasper British Columbia on his back. He still expects to be gone another 2 weeks before he gets back to Manistee. He said he is closing in on the eight thousand mile mark now and that the other day he paid eight dollars a gallon on the alkan highway for fuel…..Not good when you are only ten miles to the gallon. He said that expensive fuel didn’t burn an better either. Here is a  link to the facebook page for Waynes ride    Thanks for checking in. Pete

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