Cloudy and dark

No new snow overnight and its 28 degrees here in frederic this morning, not many riders have been in so far this morning but i have been on the phone alot. I think we are in the midst of changing riders with alot going home and more comingĀ in. Trailer counts this morning were 9 at the Days Inn and 19 at the Ramada so that means alot have gone home but I stopped at the front desk at the Ramada and she said they had 124 rooms booked for tonight out of 150 some rooms so I would bet a bunch of those are riders. Sled traffic was steady in Frederic yesterday and I went for a drive up to starvation lake in my truck. i couldnt believe the road up there as it was still well snow covered and perfect snow conditions over there. The trees were all stilll white and hanging and very pretty. Yesterday morning Hard of Hearing Mike rented one of my sleds because his awsome machine had a antifreeze tank leaking which is a recall item, funny thing was there I was standing at the hideaway and here he comes riding up, then last night I went into Mainstream steak and ribs and there was Mike and his wife Sandy having dinner….It made me feel like I was stalking them. I went off to try my luck at bowhunting yesterday and as I passed the ole barn in grayling they were jammed with more sleds than I have ever seen there. Today and tommorow is the last 2 days of bowhunting and I am getting the feeling that Big Don is eluding me for one more year. I recieved an email this morning from Jim Wires who sent in a picture of him and the mountain man which I am giving him HONORABLE MENTION for. This picture was taken last year so he does not get the shirt as we need a new fresh picture. He said he just had to send it in though. I also had a call from Scott Thorpe who has a cabin out on CCC bridge road and he has seen the mountain man out in that area in the past couple weeks. He has moved from what Scott said to another spot out in that area so the contest is still on. On a more serious note 3 cabins out there near Scott were broken into and all their snowmobile gear was stolen, skidoo outfits, modular helmets and 3 honda eu 6500 generators, chain saws and alot of other items. So if anybody knows anything please let me know. Here are a couple pics for you including Jim Wires and the mountain man…..I will be open New Years Day at 10. Thanks for checking in. Pete

mountain man jim wires 101_1639 101_1640

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