Chilly this morning

It was down to 10 degrees this morning and no new snow at all. I saw the lake was starting to skim over with ice as I was leaving home. I saw sled tracks up before the high school and at the crossing north of the high school. I went and checked the trail up by the north end grocery and it looked like 2 sleds had been on it and that goes along with the 2 sleds I saw in town here yesterday. Even though its so cold out the sun is shining brightly so that will most likely put the hurt on what little snow we do have. A lady called me last night wanting to rent a sled to ride this weekend. I told her she wouldnt find any to rent anywhere for this weekend and then she asked me if she thought she would have a better chance in Cadillac…….she really wanted to ride but I wouldnt want my machines out yet……So thats it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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