Chilly in Frederic and Grayling

Well there are plenty of reports of below zero by 2 and 3 degrees in Frederic this morning, we only had anotherĀ inch or so of new snow. I have to say I was surprised last night that Cathy and I went to a birthday party about 4 miles east of Frederic and there was a good 6 to 7 inches of snow out there. When we left I drove down past the shop figuring I would have seen some sled tracks but there weren’t any. Well I certainly wouldn’t recommend riding in this I know somebody is going to go out there and try it. Remember it is still hunting season and you can only legally ride between 11 and 2 during the day or at night until next sunday. So that’s about it for now, there are big white caps out on Lake Margrethe right now and I need to go out and shovel off our front porch. Even the beagle likes getting out there and licking the snow. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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