Chilly, Crunchy, Sunny 15 below zero

Its a very crunchy morning out there for the OSSA to be starting out their ride but as I drove thru the parking lot at the Ramada this morning there were quite a few sleds running. I have been doing trailer counts there for quite a few years and this morning there were 86 trailers in the Ramada Parking lot along with 9 over at Days Inn. That makes today the most trailers I have ever seen there and I think yesterday was second place at 56….There were alot of riders around all day long in frederic yesterday and of course with that goes people with their share of troubles that can come up with a sled….I expect today will be busier yet. I had to run into town last night and I had just passed the ole barn and could see what looked like a fire on the trail crossing ahead, I instantly knew it wasnt a fire but figured it had to be the snow bunny & bad ass mike…I stopped and Mike thought he was in trouble but they were both surprised when they saw it was me….I cant believe the way I keep running into those two, Sandi thinks I am stalking her…but we talked and then I went off to make my couple stops and headed back to frederic and wouldnt you know it when I pulled back up to sledheads there they were pulling up here at the same time…..We took some pics out front of Sandis sled which I will post below and then after I closed I went down to the Frederic Inn where they were having dinner and met up with some other friends down there. When I went into the Frederic Inn there was another group of people in there and the one guy was asking where the beagle was..the beagle would be begging food in there worse than I do. Also saw a good picture another rider showed me of his sleds up under the mackinaw bridge from yesterday. That sure is a popular ride this year. I better get ready to work and I imagine I will get some good video and pics today. Thanks for checking in. Pete101_1773 101_1777 101_1779

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