Chilly and quiet out there this morning

Its all the way up to five degrees at 9:30 this morning. Not a flake of new snow overnight and I don’t believe there is much coming. Sleds were out once again yesterday but slower traffic than I expected and then this morning the motel survey makes me wonder if this is the calm before the storm with 1 at the Days Inn and 7 at the Ramada. The trail along m 93 was a tan color as were both crossings up by the grayling high school. I have talked to riders that have gone up to the bridge and that have rode most any other area you can think of with reports of very nice riding to very bad riding. So I guess if I was going to rate the riding out there right now I would say its fair. I went for  a ride up to Mount Frederic road last night and it was a little ripply but not horrible. That was my first official ride of the season. Part of the Alabama boys crew was in yesterday and they were having a good time, the other part of their group was here a few days ago. So they are well on their way to several road trips from Demopolis to Grayling…..some day I should make that run down home with them. Like they say whatever snow we have here is way better than they have in Alabama. So we just have to ride and deal with what we have here. There was another snowmobile death on new years eve so that makes 2. Please be careful out there.  Next for those of you that read this thru facebook I have pinned to the top of my sledheads facebook page about our local theater in grayling facing closure because of switchover from the film companies to all digital format. And its not just our theatre but all small theaters in the country face the same dilemma unless they get the funds to buy the digital equipment. So our Rialto theatre is trying to raise thru an online fund raiser $100,000 by the end of February. They are up to about $7,000 so far. The way the fundraiser works is your card will not get billed unless they get to their goal of 100K. Whatever you can give would help them get to their goal. I firmly believe and support their cause and there are a lot of you out there that read me. Please just look at it as a donation for all my trail reports over the last 17 years…..I am pasting a link to their fundraising page here. Thank you very much. Pete

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