Cheap Gas, & Weed in Frederic, WTF, whats next prostitution?

Cheap gas in Frederic this week, take a look at the pics below. The gas station is getting new tanks put it so they have very appealing gas prices up on their sign. To bad its a little hard to get into the place and even the north entrance to the Frederic Inn is blocked off till they get it done. About a month or two ago I received a phone call out of the blue from someone asking me if I wanted to sell my building which caught me by surprise. That sure made me wonder where that came from. Then after that I found out that Frederic Township had decided that we needed to make it legal for the marijuana growers to set up shop in our great little town. Being in real estate since then I have had several calls from people wanting to buy property here so they can do what ever those places do. I keep hearing about research facilities. So the same township that told me to take down my WTF because it wasn’t appropriate has sold us out for money. Whats next legal prostitution in Frederic?  Nothing like setting a good example for the youth in our area. Say no to drugs but its o.k. to get it from Frederic. There are many rumors flying around town so it will be interesting to see what really happens. There was the same type of meeting to legalize over near Traverse City a couple months ago and their board had enough commons sense to shut it down. I wish we had those people here. I typically don’t say much about things but this is very disappointing. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_8292 IMG_8293 IMG_8294

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